Public Notice

Date of Notice: November 2nd, 2018

Effective October 26th, 2018, MSI Business Holdings LLC has executed the merger of Old West Marine LLC, and Old West Marine LLC has merged into Five Star Marine LLC. Five Star Marine LLC is the surviving  entity of this merger. MSI Business Holdings LLC will be finalizing all billing from the 2018 season. If work orders were generated prior to the merger date, MSI Business Holdings LLC will be invoicing for service rendered. Work orders generated after the merger date will be invoiced by Five Star Marine LLC.

If you have a balance due to MSI Business Holdings LLC or Apalategui LLC, MSI Business Holdings LLC staff will be contacting you in collection efforts. Old West Marine LLC staff worked hard to make your vessels ready for your vacations on Lake Powell. Payment for services rendered must be paid in full in a timely manner.

MSI Business Holdings will be applying a $35.00 or 15% of balance due, which ever is greater, late fee to your invoice if not paid within 15 days of the due date. A extended late fee will be assessed every month following based on the date the first late fee was assessed until balance due has been payed in full. After 30 days you will be served with legal notice of delinquent payment and legal actions to recover balance due will be initiated. If payment still has not been received 12 days after legal notice has been issued to you, legal actions will be executed.

Payment made by check that are returned insufficient funds will have a $35.00 NSF fee added to your balance due. Credit card payments that are disputed under false pretense will have a $80.00 Dispute Fee added to your balance due.

If you have a billing questions please email

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